Terri Warren – Immediate Past President

I am not a native Oregonian, but came here in 1970 for graduate school – a master’s degree in counseling. After practicing for a few years, I realized that the medical end of healing might suit me a bit better and went back and got a bachelors and masters in nursing.  In 1982, I opened Westover Heights Clinic in NW Portland, specializing in sexual health issues – STD’s, women’s health, and men’s sexual concerns.  In addition to medical care, we conducted over 120 research studies through the practice, contributing to the development of new medicines and new diagnostics.  Over the years, I’ve collaborated closely with herpes researchers at the University of Washington and others to achieve publications in New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA and others. It was a fabulous career, speaking all over the US and Europe on the topic of genital herpes infections.  Turns out counseling and nursing were a great combination!  I still spend about 2 days a week doing consultations and answering questions online.  Along the way, I added three lovely daughters to the mix, three granddaughters and one grandson. In 2007, I married my wonderful  husband Hal Hendrix, now a retired fire chief.  In 2009, Hal and I decided to consider an RV as we started thinking about retirement and I mentioned that my mom and dad had had an Airstream and he said that’s the brand he would most like as well!  So we bought our first 27’ Flying Cloud and joined the WBCCI Oregon Club.  Unable to resist the lure of leadership, I moved from 2nd VP to 1st VP and then to president.  I absolutely loved the role of president of the Oregon Club.  Our members are such fun, so kind and supportive, so willing to step up and help with most anything.  We are having about 22 rallies a year at this point, which we need with 230 members.   When the position of Region 10 vice president came up, I was asked to consider it, and in Kalispell, agreed to take it.  It has been a whirlwind getting up to speed to step into the presidency with little background in Region activities but Bob and Darlene Caldwell have helped so much, thank you Caldwells.   At one point at the International Rally in Escanaba last week, one of our region members said to me “Do you have any idea what you’ve gotten yourself into?’”  I guess I really don’t, for sure, but whatever it is, I hope our region members will help guide me through it, forgive me if I make a mistake, and encourage me when things get challenging.  I plan to send all region members a survey each year, asking about what you like, don’t like, want and don’t want for our region.  I’ll also send you emails as motions come before the International Board of Trustees to get your guidance on my vote.  As Hal and I move around the region doing installations, I hope to get to know you so much better.  We can’t do them all this year, Bob and Darlene Caldwell and Carol Ortiz will help, as we have no VPs yet, but we will do three installations.  I want to listen to your thoughts, your concerns, your hopes for the future of our club. See you down the road!